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Over Flora Flies

In September 2021, two months after having graduated from University, I hopped on a plane to Guatemala on my own. It was the start of over half a year of slow solo travelling Central America and Colombia. The sailing trip from Cartagena to Panama ended up being the ultimate finish of an incredible journey. During which I’ve learned so much more than during any school year.

That’s why I don’t believe in terms such as “gap year” or “sabbatical”. This wasn’t a gap year for me, as I never pursued going for a Masters after my trip. It was rather the start of a way of living that I’m embracing in my twenties.

Through Instagram, I take you along on my daily quest to find the right balance. Meanwhile, I share tips about the places I’ve been to on here. Slow travel or not, I’ll always keep searching for the best spots, that at times include a great adrenaline rush. I’m doing so from Valencia as we speak; a city I consider home for the time being.

I make the ends meet as a freelance copywriter, as I’m writing blog articles for brands I believe in. I solely need my laptop and a solid internet connection to do just that, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised if I call many different places home in the near future. I can already hear Latin America calling me again…

Thanks to you, I can call this blog a lil side income. I hardly ever engage in sponsorships or brand deals, as I value authenticity. I wouldn’t wanna turn neither my website nor my feed into a digital billboard. I’ve created the modest links that you come across in my articles – in which I recommend you a product I use or a hostel I stayed at – in collaboration with the corresponding platforms. If you happen to buy a product or book a stay through one of those links, I earn a small commission, at no extra cost for you! This makes me able to order an espresso at my favourite café around the corner where I like to write my blog articles for Flora Flies.

Though, for starters, I just genuinely fucking love what I do. And I hope that that genuine feeling radiates through my content. On the gram, I’m an open book. Feel free to reach out there, whether you’ve got any questions about my travels or life, or just feel a tad lonely during your solo trip.


Fleur (aka Flora, Flor, Fleurtje, Kokkie)